Squirrel Gets Drunk On Fermented Pumpkin And Battles A Tree
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Squirrel Gets Drunk On Fermented Pumpkin And Battles A Tree

People go out for happy hour, have one too many, and end up having to hand over their keys or call Uber for a ride home.

Hilariously, animals can get in the same predicament if they eat fermented fruit or veggies.

This squirrel is the perfect example: she got into the pumpkin patch where several of them had fermented, and after she had her fill, she decided she better get to her nest.

Easier said than done.


The struggle is real! The first attempt up the tree makes her realize that it’s going to be harder than she thought.

She hangs on for a few seconds, then tumbles back to the ground and just lays there for a few seconds to regroup.

She looks up as if to say, “Can you help a girl out?”


But she’s not ready to give up just yet!

She gets back on the tree, and then just hangs there with her bottom sagging contemplating her next move.

But a few seconds later, her head is hanging back again and she’s looking a little woozy.

This stuff takes some time to wear off,  ya know.

And she’s getting frustrated, too.

You can tell; she gets back on the ground and starts shaking her tail.

Finally, she decides she’ll just find a nice spot on the ground to sleep it off…hopefully not in the pumpkin patch! 😉

Source: YouTube

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