Strange Animal Gets Stuck In Mud, And Is Sinking Fast – Locals Look Close And Rush To Help
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Strange Animal Gets Stuck In Mud, And Is Sinking Fast – Locals Look Close And Rush To Help

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescues orphaned elephants and protects them from poachers in Kenya.

Recently, pilot and videographer Bill Teasdale decided to visit the Trust to check out the reintroduction center.

But though Bill has seen quite a lot on his nature travels, he couldn’t have guessed what he would encounter when he arrived and wandered over to a nearby watering hole…

There were plenty of baby elephants, of course, but there was something else: a much smaller animal had gotten stuck in the mud!

It was no elephant and in fact, the baby elephants wanted no part of the situation; as soon as the animal began to struggle, the babies fled the scene.

Local rangers noticed the suffering creature but couldn’t quite tell what it was from afar, so one guide named Parashi decided to get in close.

But the poor thing was so covered in mud, he still wasn’t sure what sort of animal it was … but he knew he had to get it free!

Parashi, with the help of other rangers and a waiter named Nkilisho, sprang into action and worked to get the animal out of its terribly sticky situation.

Then finally, the little thing popped free!

And as it turns out, it was a buffalo calf. She was so exhausted from her fight in the mud that she could only lie on the ground, but this gave rescuers a chance to clean her up a bit.

Finally, after the baby buffalo had rested for a while, she was able to get back on her feet. The only problem was, where was its mother? How had it gotten into the watering hole?

Well, the rangers decided they could let the calf stay in the same stockade as the orphaned elephants. After all, the two species are hardly enemies.

But not long after they placed the buffalo baby in with the baby elephants, the rangers noticed something moving on the horizon … and the buffalo calf was obviously excited.

As it turns out, it was the mamma buffalo!

The baby sprinted away from her rescuers and though she needed a little help from the rangers, she eventually reunited with her mother.

And it really is one of the sweetest moments you’ll ever see. 🙂


Source: Honest to Paws

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