Stray Kitten's Little Paws Are Frozen To A Boat Dock, But Sheriff Says, 'You Won't Die Today!'
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Stray Kitten’s Little Paws Are Frozen To A Boat Dock, But Sheriff Says, ‘You Won’t Die Today!’

An elderly couple in Mercer County, Kentucky found a kitten that had fallen into the water at a boat dock and its little paws were frozen to a rock.

It had been stuck there for 11 long hours and was frantically crying for help!

They immediately dialed 911, and Sheriff Ernie Kelty rushed to the scene, knowing he didn’t have much time before the little cat would die from exposure to the cold.

He couldn’t believe it was still alive at that point, but he quickly assessed the situation and came up with a plan to try to save the freezing cat.

He started by trying to release the icy paws from being stuck so he could try to get him loose. He poured warm water over them and gently pulled as he did to free his paws.

Once the kitten’s paw pads were free from the frozen rock, he cut the fur from his feet that was still stuck.

Then he placed the shivering little cat under the shirt beneath his jacket to warm him, which is both smart and adorable!

After about 20 minutes, the kitten stopped shaking so hard, and he took him out to check him.

The elderly couple was still there, worried sick about the little cat. Sheriff Kelty, wanting to reassure them that it was going to be okay, handed the kitten off to the elderly couple.

Sheriff Kelty didn’t get the kitten back. Taking turns cuddling the cold stray, the couple decided right then and there that they were taking him home with them!

The kitten had been through quite an ordeal, but he now has his forever home. He also got a special name; Ernie, after his rescuer.

Talk about an unbelievable turn of events: He’s about to freeze to death, alone and afraid, and then he gets a loving home in which to spend the rest of his life!

The video below will have you cheering!

Source: Good News Network

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