UPS Driver Finds Strange Dog Hiding In His Truck...Then He Reads The Note Pinned To His Collar
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UPS Driver Finds Strange Dog Hiding In His Truck…Then He Reads The Note Pinned To His Collar

When you’re a delivery man, you come across all sorts of strange situations.

After all, you’re personally delivering packages to private residences, so you never know what you might stumble upon.

And of course, encountering pets is par for the course.

Word of warning, though: If you frequently encounter pets, it might be a good idea to start carrying treats…otherwise, they might just rebel against you.

For example, have you heard the story of a UPS driver who found a furry stowaway in his truck?

According to Reddit user dickfromaccounting, the driver had made it a habit of tossing this Golden Retriever a biscuit whenever he passed by. How nice of him!

But one day, he forgot the treat, and that’s when the dog got his revenge.

When the Retriever failed to see a biscuit, he snuck onto the truck with a note pinned to his collar. A few minutes later, when the UPS driver found him and read the note…

Well, it had to be one of the funniest things he’d ever seen.

The UPS man forgot to throw me a cookie so I snuck into his truck and took a ride around the neighborhood.

He had to deliver me back to my house.

Okay, so it was mildly inconvenient for the driver but hey, he forgot the treat! This was a friendly reminder that he should ALWAYS have that biscuit.

Of course, the driver did indeed return the dog to his home, and perhaps he made a mental note:

“Make sure to have biscuits before leaving the house!”

There are more amusing stories concerning pets and delivery people at Reddit, too.

Here’s one from Redditor archetypaldream:

My dog is also obsessed with the UPS man, the mail lady, and FedEx, ever since the mail lady saw him loose a few blocks away and gave him a ride back home in her mail truck.

Suddenly all his dreams were realised at once:

Riding in a car, stopping every few feet to look at things and meet new people, a car door that stayed open constantly, the wind in his hair…

If ambitious pets want an adventure, they’ll GET that adventure! 😉

Sources: Reddit, IHeartDogs

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