Wild Horse Makes Unbelievable Gesture After A Hero Rescues Him From Chains
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Wild Horse Makes Unbelievable Gesture After A Hero Rescues Him From Chains

Horses are some of the most majestic, gentle animals in the world.

Unfortunately, not everyone shows them the respect they deserve.

In some parts of the world, people will chain a horse’s front and back legs together so it can’t run away.

Imagine how a wild horse that is used to being free would struggle in such a situation!


But thankfully, one man saw a poor horse in that very situation and sprang into action.

A veterinarian in Romania found a horse chained that way, and the chains were so tight that it was cutting into the horse’s legs and feet.

He knew he had to free the poor creature before the beautiful animal suffered serious injury.

He cut away the chains, and stepped back and squatted down to watch, not knowing how the horse was going to react.

The vet set to work, carefully cutting the horse free. Before too long, the pretty creature was back on its feet, and very grateful.

Setting the beautiful animal free was thanks enough, but the horse thanked him in a very special way…

It came over and nuzzled him on the nose several times. How sweet!

The vet was stupefied and could only smile at the touching gesture.

The vet watched the horse a little longer, and it, along with its mate, trotted off into the sunset.

How’s that for a storybook ending with the appropriate “thank you” at the end? 😉

Source: Native All News

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