Woman Hears Faint Cries Coming From A Well – She Looks Inside And Whips Out Her Phone
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Woman Hears Faint Cries Coming From A Well – She Looks Inside And Whips Out Her Phone

Just about anything can tumble into an old well.

And one Nebraska woman certainly found three surprises at the bottom of a well near her property!

Morgan Brumm first heard the noises when she stepped outside her family home, and she recognized those sounds as animals in distress.

But where were they coming from?

Well, Morgan traced them to an old well in a nearby forested area, and when she looked inside, she gasped!

There was a baby deer trapped down there!

Actually, when she knelt down to get a closer look, she realized there were three fawns crying for help!

As she told The Dodo:

…I peeked in a bit and only saw one head. I thought, ‘All right, I can do this.’ I took another step forward and saw three. I was blown away.

She was indeed, but she couldn’t reach the bottom of the well. She needed assistance, so she quickly whipped out her phone.

She knew just who to call:

I called my best friend’s dad to see if he could come down and help.

He came within five minutes, laid next to the well and pulled all three babies out.

It took him just 30 seconds to extract all the deer, which is no small feat!

After all, you can expect the babies are scared and aren’t used to human hands, even if those hands are trying to help.

But this Good Samaritan took care of business quickly and the instant the fawns were free, they sprinted off to find their mama.

Morgan said she saw a female deer wandering around nearby so there very likely was a happy reunion!

Perhaps one day the family will come back Morgan’s way; she’d very much like to get a picture of them if she could.

And here’s the fantastic rescue:


Source: NTD.TV

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