6-Year-Old Gets Mystery Gift Bag - When He Sees What's Inside, He Goes Bonkers
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6-Year-Old Gets Mystery Gift Bag – When He Sees What’s Inside, He Goes Bonkers

6-year-old boys usually don’t want clothes as gifts.

Really, that’s just a lame present.

T-O-Y-S. That’s what 6-year-old boys want. They don’t want a boring ol’ t-shirt!

Well, don’t tell that to little Brayden Lowe of Manchester, England, who had such an incredible reaction to a special t-shirt that social media can’t stop talking about it.

His parents gave him a gift bag one day and in it, there was an envelope and a white t-shirt.

Inside the envelope is a somewhat mysterious picture (mysterious to a 6-year-old, certainly), so he doesn’t quite understand.

That’s when he reaches in, grabs the t-shirt, and sees the message written on it.

His reaction is really something you have to see:

Seems more like a very mature response to this beautiful event, doesn’t it?

After learning he’s going to be a big brother, the ensuing emotions and dialogue is like something off the Hallmark channel.

“Oh, this makes me want to cry,” he says adorably. “This is so lovely.”

“Are you happy?” his mom asks.

“Yes, I’m so happy,” he says, hugging the shirt.

His mother, Jade Lowe, says Brayden is definitely an emotional child who has no problems expressing himself.

That much is obvious. Maybe he’ll grow up to be an actor or a host of some kind.

But for now, he’s just happy his family is getting bigger and we wish more soon-to-be siblings reacted this way when they heard the big news!

Source: Little Things

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