89-Year-Old Man Swears He's 'Dying Of Boredom' - Places This Peculiar Ad In Paper
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89-Year-Old Man Swears He’s ‘Dying Of Boredom’ – Places This Peculiar Ad In Paper

Joe Bartley, an 89-year-old man has lived quite a life.

He served in the military, married, worked hard, and is now deserving of a peaceful retirement.

But that’s not what Mr. Bartley wants. Or at least, it’s not all he wants.

After his wife passed away in 2014,  he said that he was “bored to death”. He doesn’t like living alone and said he felt as if he was in “solitary confinement”.

So he decided he had to do come up with an idea to get himself out of the doldrums.

He decided to place an ad in the local newspaper.

And not only did he place an ad, he had it highlighted in bright yellow so it wouldn’t be missed.

Mr. Bartley wanted a part-time job. He wanted something to do keep his hands busy, and he’d do ‘anything’.

He closed with the hilarious line, “Save me from dying of boredom!”

His ad got the attention that he was hoping for, too: He started getting calls about his ad the same day; his phone was ringing off the hook!

He had a job interview the next day at The Cantina Kitchen & Bar and was offered a job immediately after the interview, and he happily accepted.

His duties include ‘clearing tables, delivering orders, and anything else that is needed.’ The co-owner of the cafe, Kate Allen, said she knew she wanted to hire him the minute she met him.

How often do you get an 89-year-old person approaching you and saying ‘I want to work’?” Allen said to ODN News. 

“But he’s keen, and we just couldn’t say no. How could we?

The community applauded the cafe for the decision to hire Mr. Bartley – literally!

They gathered in droves to give him a standing ovation when he walked in to start working his first day.

He’s lovely, a breath of fresh air. He’s just upbeat and jolly and wanting to work,” cafe co-owner Barry George.

But his new career came to an abrupt end when he became ill and his doctor told him he could no longer work at the cafe.

He never has to worry about dying of boredom, however, as a huge number of people have embraced his amazing story!

Because of his ad, his job, and being such an inspiration, he will not ever be bored again.

The owners of the cafe said, “We’re going to keep him out and about and meeting people.”

They also gave him a special “gold member” card, which means he can eat and drink at the Cantina for free for the rest of his life!

He’s always going to be welcome here—he’s one of the family,” they said. 😀

Source: The Epoch Times

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