Blind Puppy Is Seconds From A Lethal Injection...But The Nurse Holding The Needle Suddenly Stops
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Blind Puppy Is Seconds From A Lethal Injection…But The Nurse Holding The Needle Suddenly Stops

With so many healthy animals being killed in shelters every day, it’s a big decision to breed a litter of puppies.

Bringing puppies into the world is something that should be left to responsible breeders.

Or, at the very least, it should only be tackled by those who are willing to be responsible for the puppies they produce for the rest of their lives.

…regardless of how the litter turns out.

Sadly, too many innocent babies end up being a drain on rescues and shelters because their owners just couldn’t handle the expense necessary to keep them healthy and happy.

The term “breeder” should be reserved for those who understand genetics and are willing to spend the money it takes to ensure that all breeding stock is tested for genetic health problems.

Animals that don’t pass every test with flying colors are removed from breeding programs. This way, they know the puppies they produce are as genetically healthy as possible.

Sometimes though, no matter how careful a breeder may be, fate steps in and problems occur.

That’s what happened with an adorable little 5-week-old Yorkie named Bea: The product of a breeder, she was unfortunately born blind.

That’s when the breeder decided to bring her to the vet and have her put down. 5 weeks old and her life was already going to be over!

But thankfully for Bea, there was an angel residing at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

One nurse on duty there took one look at Bea and her heart just broke. She couldn’t bear to see the beautiful Yorkie die and so, she did the only thing she could think of:

She brought Bea home. Not only did she get the warmth and loving she so desperately needed, she also got a canine friend.

And in this video, you an see just how perfect they are together; the yellow lab really is yet another guardian angel for Bea!

If it weren’t for one big-hearted nurse at the shelter, Bea wouldn’t be with us today. But now, those 5 weeks will turn into many weeks.

This isn’t merely a second chance, this is a brand new lease on life. And best of all, Bea is even starting to see a little!

What an incredible twist of fate for one of the most lovable puppies we’ve ever seen. 🙂

Source: Animals Being Cute

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