When His Cat Grabs A Duckling And Runs, Ronan Gives Chase, And Discovers Her Stash
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When His Cat Grabs A Duckling And Runs, Ronan Gives Chase, And Discovers Her Stash

Ronan and Emma Lally own a small farm in Clara Co Offaly, and they recently welcomed some adorable newly-hatched ducklings to their midst.

Their farm is chock full of the usual suspects – cows, sheep, chickens cats, and dogs – but it was completely devoid of ducks.

That led the Irish couple to purchase some fertilized duck eggs and patiently wait for them to hatch.

The big day finally arrived, and Ronan decided to take a break and check in the fluffy new brood.


But to his amazement (and fear), they were nowhere to be found!

The frantic couple began to search high and low for the little duckies, and they suddenly realized what had happened…

They came across one of their cats with one of the ducklings in its mouth, and they naturally feared the worst.

Indeed, cats tend to feast on little birdies.

Thankfully, their instincts were way off the mark this time around.

In fact, they couldn’t possibly have guessed what this amazing cat did with her snagged duckling!

The loving kitty had absolutely no intention of harming the duckling, but rather gently put it down right next to her.

Soon thereafter, the rest of the ducklings came waddling over as well.

The cat was caring for the ducklings as if they were her own offspring!

On top of which, the ducklings were perfectly happy to accept the doting kitty as a wonderful foster mom.

As you can imagine, that resulted in one of the most adorable scenes that you’ll ever see.

The ducklings have grown up a bit since then, but they continue to follow the cat around as much as possible.

The most unlikely BFFs, right here! 😀

Source: NTD.TV

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