Clyde Sneaks Out, Runs Toward The Tracks, And Hops A Train. But Why?
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Clyde Sneaks Out, Runs Toward The Tracks, And Hops A Train. But Why?

Sometimes, you just feel like hitting the road and leaving all of your worries behind.

The destination isn’t all that important; all that matters is that you get some freedom!

That sentiment applies to our furry little friends as well, as this incredible tale from the UK demonstrates:

Clyde, a 4-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was out in the backyard of his home one morning.

He was a well cared-for and happy pup but he had an itch…

And when he noticed that the back gate was open, that was all he needed to see.

The adventurous canine decided it was high time for an adventure!

So, he escaped out the gate and went to do a little sightseeing. But he didn’t just wander into the woods; he wound up by the Hengoed Railway Station!

Clyde wasn’t about to come this far without pushing the envelope even further, either.

He would amazingly hop on a train headed for the town of Bargoed, and he quickly made fast friends with all the passengers on board.

All the while, though, his frantic owner was desperately trying to locate her four-legged friend. She dropped a post on social media explaining the situation.

As luck would have it, a passenger on the train saw the post. The ruse was up from that point: Clyde was busted as a runaway!

The train conductor was informed of the situation, and Clyde was treated to a seat in the driver’s compartment for the remainder of the journey.

British Transport Police met the train at the next stop, and Clyde was reunited with his family soon thereafter.

Joanne Davies, Clyde’s owner, recounted the experience in another post on social media.

“It was the longest 3 hours of my life,” she wrote.

We’re going to guess that Clyde felt the same way, and we can only hope that he got a ton of snacks after getting home for some much-needed rest after his eventful day.

But hey, when you gotta roam, you just gotta roam! 😀

Source: Animal Rescue Site

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