Couple Pays Check And Slips Waitress Mysterious Envelope. When She Sees What's Inside, She's In Tears
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Couple Pays Check And Slips Waitress Mysterious Envelope. When She Sees What’s Inside, She’s In Tears

Waiting tables isn’t an easy gig.

You’re on your feet the entire time, customers aren’t always friendly and gracious, and the tips can be disappointing.

But maybe if you’re friendly to everyone and you’ve got a great attitude, that will result in something special…perhaps even downright memorable.

Middlesex County waitress Brianna Siegel says she’s been in the food industry her entire life and despite the annoyances, it’s her “favorite thing to do.”

One night, when working as a server at Bar Louie in Woodbridge, New Jersey, she served a couple she’d never met before and she was her usual cheerful self.

“I was talking to them, they were really nice people,” she said.  “We were laughing.”

Afterward, the couple paid their simple $20 check and then, surprisingly, handed Brianna a single white envelope and told her not to open it until she got home.

When she looked inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

There was a huge $1,200 check made out to her, along with a very special message:

“Whenever it gets hard know God got you.”

The stunned waitress was overjoyed but still a little taken aback. After all, what had she done that was so special?

“I just keep asking myself, why me?” she says.

Well, her manager, Brent Ruhkamp, calls her a “great worker” and clearly, she does her job well. Sometimes, that’s all it takes, especially when you run into two very generous people.

And this money will be put to very good use, too.

Brianna plans to put the money toward nursing school and a new car, two very practical things that prove she’s worthy of the gift.

She’s not heading out on a shopping spree to blow all the money on unnecessary material items; she wants to move forward in life.

Perhaps the couple in question sensed this about her and were willing to help her along the trail to ultimate success, and they appreciated her attitude and drive.

So if you’re in the foodservice industry and you’ve had a particularly bad day, never forget that a smile and some friendly conversation could pay big dividends. You just never know.

Source: News 12 New Jersey

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