After A Deadly Tornado Hits, Rescuers Spot Some Fur, And Then A Pile Of Rubble Creaks
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After A Deadly Tornado Hits, Rescuers Spot Some Fur, And Then A Pile Of Rubble Creaks

Last month, a spate of tornadoes tore through Kentucky and Tennessee.

Devastation was left in the wake of the five deadly storms, as dozens of homes were destroyed and a number of lives were claimed.

After things begin to clear, residents in Clarksville, Tennessee, began sifting through the rubble to make heads or tails of the mess.

Local resident Kim Nicholson lost everything that she owned, but her focus was solely on finding her dogs and cats.

They were family members, after all!

The devastating scene made it tough for folks to keep things together, but perspectives changed when a piece of fur was spotted amidst the devastation…

Thankfully, that piece of fur was moving, and folks in attendance didn’t hesitate to jump in and do what they could to free the four-legged friend!

One pup was freed, and a sense of group effort ruled the day as the neighborhood pitched in to help Nicholson find her pets.

Were there more alive under the horrible devastation?

Could ALL of the pets really have survived?

Well, thankfully, the story has a happy ending.

A Facebook post by John Richards later stated:

All of the family pets were rescued and are safe.

Hats off to members of the community for coming together in the face of such a disaster!

Remember, when deadly storms strike, everything in our homes is at risk, and that includes the lives of our beloved pets.

As you can see, this is a community that well understands this, so they worked hard to make sure all living creatures were accounted for.

Well done! 😀

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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