Little Girl Approaches Curious Deer, Asks To Play A Game, And Dad Grabs His Camera
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Little Girl Approaches Curious Deer, Asks To Play A Game, And Dad Grabs His Camera

Typically, deer are skittish creatures, especially the young’uns.

But one curious deer that wandered into a family’s garden proved he isn’t scared of two things: little girls and cameras.

When Matthew Ray’s daughter went out to play in the backyard garden, she came across a surprise visitor.

A young deer had strolled in, likely looking for a few snacks, and probably not expecting to encounter any resistance.

The deer certainly didn’t expect a brave little toddler, who saw the deer and decided she wanted to make friends.

As soon as the deer sees the girl, he does what all deer do – his ears went up and he froze in place. But incredibly, he didn’t try to escape.

The adorable girl got a little closer and still, the tolerant creature didn’t run; he just bounced backward a few steps when the girl reached out to pet him.

The toddler came up again and again, the deer bounded away. But he never turned tail and sprinted out of the garden…he just wouldn’t let the girl touch him.

They were playing the cutest game of tag ever!

Matthew had his camera out and captured the whole thing, and that’s when he realized this young woodland creature really wasn’t afraid of humans at all.

A grown man with a camera didn’t faze the deer, either (just look how close he gets!), so the girl and the deer continued to play together.

Finally, however, the deer decided he’d had enough fun for one day; after grazing on some flowers, he wandered off and left dad with one amazing video.

Bet you don’t have deer this tame in YOUR backyard! 🙂

Source: Shareably

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