Hiker Spots Rusty Cage In The Water - Inside, A Drowning Furry Friend Begs For Help
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Hiker Spots Rusty Cage In The Water – Inside, A Drowning Furry Friend Begs For Help

Who would leave an animal to drown in a cage?

That must’ve been what a Highlands, New Jersey, resident was thinking when he stumbled on a rusty cage near the shore.

He’d been walking along the banks of the Sandy Hook Bay at Veteran’s Memorial Park when he spotted the cage in the water.

The tide was rising and it was half submerged, and he thought he spotted movement inside…

So, he crept down to the water’s edge to see if he could get a better look. Was he just seeing fish swimming around inside the cage…?

No, he found something much, much worse:

A poor trapped dog was inside and she was just barely keeping her head above water!

It wouldn’t be long before the tide rose and the cage would be totally underwater … and then it was curtains for the desperate pup!

Well, this Good Samaritan wasn’t about to let that happen.

He quickly waded into the water, snagged the cage, and dragged it up onto the rocks.

He really just wanted to eliminate the immediate danger of the rising tide.

And he did just that!

As it turns out, the dog was a 1-year-old male pit bull, and she was very cold and very scared.

But at least she was alive!

The kind soul freed her from her rusty prison and turned her in to the Monmouth County police department.

They’re currently looking for any information about the abandoned dog, and they’re also trying to find the culprit who left her to die.

That’s a crime – as well it should be – and we’re hoping those evil owners are brought to justice soon!

But at least in the meantime, we know the pup is okay.

She just barely escaped with her life, and all thanks to a wandering pedestrian with a good heart. 🙂

Source: NTD.TV

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