A Hiker Finds A Suitcase In The Bushes. As He Unzips It, It Starts To Move
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A Hiker Finds A Suitcase In The Bushes. As He Unzips It, It Starts To Move

Graham Barrett was enjoying a leisurely stroll through a footpath with his two dogs when he suddenly heard a stirring in the bushes.

He had to be cautious; wild animals aren’t always friendly, after all.

Slowly, carefully, he investigated further…and couldn’t believe his eyes.

The noise was coming from a suitcase that was moving about. What’s more, there was whimpering coming from inside.


Barrett grabbed the suitcase in hopes of freeing whatever was inside, but he discovered that it was double-locked.

Well, he knew he couldn’t just leave it there, especially when it was obvious that a living thing was suffering!

So, he brought it home to attempt to pry it open, but again he was unsuccessful.

Finally, out of options, Barrett called the cops for some help and thankfully, the arriving officers were able to get it open.

They were all stunned and heartbroken when they realized it was an abandoned poodle that had been trapped inside!

How could anyone do this to such a beautiful pup? How could anyone do this to ANY living creature?

Barrett quickly got some food and water for the dog, and the police transferred him to a nearby shelter immediately.

The poodle, later named Donut, would arrive at the shelter and get the care he so desperately needed.

Workers estimated that he was in the suitcase for as long as six hours, but they couldn’t make heads or tails of the whole thing because he seemed to be well-kept.

They’ve started a social media campaign to attempt to contact Donut’s owners, as they’re not ruling out the possibility that this could be some kind of horrifying revenge situation.

People can do some really stupid things, you know?

Donut has made himself right at home at the shelter, and he revealed himself to be an incredibly friendly and loving pup once his ordeal was over.

He was quick to make friends and didn’t appear to be suffering from any mental fatigue at all.

And just look at that smile!

Hats off to Barrett for going the extra mile when a startling situation popped up in front of his eyes!

And we’ll hold out hope that the rescue workers and authorities get to the bottom of this scary situation…

Seriously, what’s the deal? Any guesses, fellow animal lovers?

Source: NTD.TV

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