Sick Kitten's Nose Swells Up, Alarmed Vet Looks Closer and Finds The Startling Truth
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Sick Kitten’s Nose Swells Up, Alarmed Vet Looks Closer and Finds The Startling Truth

As loving owners of kitties know, these adorable little creatures can get themselves into some precarious situations.

As such, most owners will do all they can to kitty-proof things, but that’s not always enough to fend off trouble.

That was certainly the case for the owner of this adorable little kitten.

The owner became alarmed when his beloved pet’s nose swelled up significantly, and a trip to the vet was obviously in order.

We can only imagine that the owner was racking his brain to figure out what was wrong with his beloved pet…what could it be? Was it life-threatening?

They would arrive at the vet’s office, anxious and nervous, and then the all-important examination began.

The vet was also alarmed at the size of the kitty’s nose but thankfully, he had a good idea of what the problem was when he started poking around…

It turns out that a parasite had crawled up the poor kitten’s nose, and they had to get it out right away!

That led to a team effort of holding the kitty still while the vet went to work. 

As you can imagine, kitty wasn’t real happy about the whole thing, but she got through it like a trooper.

The owner was probably far more nervous than the kitten, in fact!

But nobody was expecting what the vet would find in kitty’s nose.

Stunningly, the doctor would pull out a rather large cuterebra, which typically target wild animals, not tiny house cats!

It’s unclear how the kitten came into contact with the unwelcome visitor, but she may have been outside exploring when she caught it.  

The good news is, it looks like kitty is going to be just fine. And her nose should return to normal soon, too!

Hats off to the owner for leaping into action once something didn’t look right with his four-legged friend.

We all have to be responsible for the lives of our pets, especially when they’re small and helpless!

Source: Animals Being Cute

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