Kitty Makes Strange Noises Over Baby Monitor – Mom Checks Baby’s Bedroom And Leaps For The Phone
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Kitty Makes Strange Noises Over Baby Monitor – Mom Checks Baby’s Bedroom And Leaps For The Phone

Our pets are more than just companions.

Very often, they’re protectors, even when we don’t realize they’re desperately trying to keep us safe.

And while it’s certainly true that dogs are often headliners in such stories, let’s not forget out furry feline friends, who have been known to do some miraculous things for their human owners.

This is the story of one such kitty: her name is Midnight and she belongs to Roy and Bernita Rogers of Kansas City, Missouri, who have always wanted a big family.

Unfortunately, Bernita suffered through three premature births and her dream of a large family was rapidly disappearing.

In lieu of the baby she’d always wanted, Bernita decided to adopt a stray cat; he was affectionate and attentive, and Bernita named him “Midnight” for obvious reasons.

Midnight must’ve been a good luck charm, though, because not long after the cat arrived, Bernita got pregnant again.

And this time, she gave birth to a happy and healthy daughter named Stacey. Finally!

As you might expect, the adoring couple were extremely protective of their new family member and as Roy said:

We were determined that nothing would ever happen to the baby.

That included setting up a baby monitor to make sure little Stacey was always okay. These two parents were hell-bent on ensuring their baby’s health!

But despite all their best efforts, poor Stacey came down with a mysterious illness. The doctors weren’t too worried, though; they told Bernita that her daughter just had a cold.

So, Bernita took Stacey home and put her to bed. However, she was still worried, so she kept the baby monitor on.

And that’s precisely the moment when Midnight started acting very strangely … he’d keep jumping onto Bernita’s lap and back down again, as if he wanted something.

Then he ran upstairs to Stacey’s bedroom and started making horrible yowling noises! Bernita heard them through the baby monitor and couldn’t imagine what Midnight was up to.

It was this screech-wail-scream-cry. It was frightening enough that I jumped out of the chair and ran upstairs.

It was a darn good thing she did, too.

Because when she rushed into the baby’s bedroom, she found Stacey struggling and gasping for air; even her skin was turning blue!

Stacey had suffered a full respiratory failure and needed medical assistance immediately, so Bernita scooped her up and sped to the hospital, panic-stricken that she might lose a fourth child.

But thankfully, doctors were able to save little Stacey. And why?

Midnight, of course! The cat had known something was dreadfully wrong and did everything he could to alert mom and because of that, Stacey survived. Said Bernita:

For whatever reason, we were given… a second chance by the help of a cat, to enjoy this child and watch her grow.

Sure, Lassie is a legend but we can never forget our feline heroes! 😀

Source: Honest to Paws

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