Kitty Approaches Rescued Squirrel - She Sticks Out Her Paw, And Owner Holds His Breath
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Kitty Approaches Rescued Squirrel – She Sticks Out Her Paw, And Owner Holds His Breath

Cats and squirrels don’t get along.

It’s just the way of things, isn’t it? Cats are predators at heart and they tend to chase squirrels, as most pet owners know.

But Decan Andersen couldn’t look the other way when a baby squirrel fell from the roof of his apartment building.

He was a cat owner but he knew the scared, injured little animal needed help, so he quickly rushed the tiny tyke inside.

The squirrel had suffered a nasty gash after ricocheting off a tree limb on the way down, so Decan carefully put him aside and called for assistance.

However, while he was on the phone, his cat, Coco, got curious…

What was the tiny furry thing his owner had brought inside? Was it a play-thing? Was it a new toy? …was it lunch?

Decan, phone in hand, froze as he watched. He suddenly realized that maybe it had been a terrible idea to bring the squirrel inside!

Coco reached out with a paw, got closer, sniffed, and then…

She began to lick and nuzzle the frightened little creature! Her maternal instincts must’ve kicked in because she doted on the tiny squirrel as if he were a kitten.

Decan couldn’t believe it. But he took it as a sign: this squirrel was meant to live!

He rushed her to the vet’s so he could take care of that awful gash and afterward, Decan brought the squirrel back home.

He knew the squirrel, which he named TinTin, would be perfectly okay with Coco around and in fact, he even used Coco’s milk to nurse the baby wild animal!

There was only one problem:

TinTin was a red squirrel, which is illegal to domesticate in the country of Denmark.

Decan didn’t want to say goodbye, though. So, he arranged to get permission to keep TinTin around, as he promised to provide the squirrel with the perfect home environment.

And TinTin flourished!

TinTin loves snacks, cuddling, and playing, and has no problem with Coco or Decan’s two kids. The thankful squirrel just loves them all!

As for Decan and why he first ran outside to help the baby squirrel, he had this to say:

With so much negativity in the world, I thought it could help lift people up.

He makes people forget about their troubles for a moment so they can laugh and smile.

He’s certainly brought light and enjoyment to me and my family. We have a special bond and are pretty much together, 24/7.

How perfect is that? 😀


Source: Honest to Paws

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