After Elderly Landlady Catches Tenant With A Dog, Her Next Move Stuns The Owner
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After Elderly Landlady Catches Tenant With A Dog, Her Next Move Stuns The Owner

Dogs can have incredible impacts on people.

Some have such a dramatic impact, in fact, that one might wonder if these animals are somehow magical. They can forge special relationships with humans nobody can really explain.

Take Nashi, for example. This adorable pup narrowly avoided going to a shelter in Japan, when his owner decided she wanted to keep him.

However, when Nashi’s owner, Hiroko, brought the pup back home and told her husband they were going to keep him, there was a problem:

Her beau, Robert Hamilton, was dead-set against the idea.

But again, dogs are amazing creatures … and it wasn’t long before Robert melted. He came to love Nashi as his wife did, and they took their new family member everywhere.

It was all smooth sailing, until Robert rented a studio to work on his kimono design business. Nashi had to come, of course, but the landlord said very clearly, “No Pets Allowed.”

What were they to do? Nashi had become such a big part of their lives; they couldn’t just give him up.

Robert was nervous when the landlady confronted him and asked him straight-out if he had a dog. But he couldn’t possibly have anticipated how the conversation would go!

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