Paralympian Tries Out Her Bionic Arm For The First Time, And I Can't Stop Watching Her Reaction
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Paralympian Tries Out Her Bionic Arm For The First Time, And I Can’t Stop Watching Her Reaction

As society and technology continue to advance, things that were once impossible are now in fact well within reach.

In fact, many of the impossibilities of the past are more than possible. They’re actually becoming realities.

For example, there have been startling strides made in the field of robotics.

Many moons ago, those who lost their limbs due to amputation were left to deal with the unfortunate realities of their situation.  

But now, fast-forward to today, and whole new vistas are opening up for the disabled…

A number of companies have made remarkable progress in the field, and an innovative startup known as Open Bionics has just gone public with one of the staggering results they’ve been able to achieve.

The company is dedicated to creating affordable and efficient limbs for amputees, and they recently welcomed Paralympic swimmer Kate Grey into their offices to test out a new 3D-printed bionic arm.

Grey lost her left arm in a horrific accident when she was just two-years-old, but she obviously hasn’t let that faze her. 

You can tell she’s a little hesitant when she first tries it on, but her mind is soon blown.

She conducts a simple test in which she attempts to catch a ball with the new limb, and she’s amazed when she’s able to do it with ease.

Grey was able to do it in reverse as well, and the exuberance on her face is downright priceless!

Source: Good News Network

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