Pilot's Insane Selfies Instantly Go Viral - Then The Internet Spots Something Strange...
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Pilot’s Insane Selfies Instantly Go Viral – Then The Internet Spots Something Strange…

If you can say the word “Photoshop” you are probably getting pretty good at spotting fake photos on the Internet. They’re everywhere.

Cows seemingly jump out of waves alongside dolphins. Watermelons are blue. Trees appear to have neon purple leaves.

We find out after we’ve shared our shock and awe that photos depicting horrifying moments are actually fairly innocent moments, doctored up to sadden and terrify.

If Photoshop and Instagram had a baby…it would be 7 feet tall, covered in purple hair, with bright pink lightbulb eyes and it would be using the Statue of Liberty as a rattle.

Who can you trust anymore?

At the moment, much of the Internet is debating whether or not to trust photos from an Instagram user whose regularly posted selfie photographs are some of the most astonishing anyone has ever seen.

And that’s coming from folks who daily see believable photos of dogs as big as horses and rabbits that a human can barely hold.

We think the selfies that ‘Pilotganso’ shares with the world are in a class by themselves though.

OK. We were kidding about them looking totally believable. But you have to admit, at first glance, you probably…gave it a second, longer glance.

First: We’re pretty sure that anyone who knows much about physics realizes that not even the best hair gel in the world would keep his hair looking that sexy in two hundred mile per hour wind.

Not to mention that having an open window in an airplane with a pressurized cabin would be catastrophic. But perhaps you are one of those science deniers and don’t believe in things like physics.

In that case, we noticed right off that although the shadow on the plane and the tie flapping in the “breeze” were a nice touch, the reflection in the sunglasses is that of a tarmac. Not the wild blue yonder.

A lot of people didn’t notice or even care, though.

“Dude! Weren’t you like scared?” Or, “Come on. This can’t be real. I’m sure his company has rules against this kind of thing.”

Yeah. That’s why he shouldn’t do it. Because his company wouldn’t like it.

Pilotganso recently posted this photo of himself with the easily recognizable Palm Islands in Dubai in the background.

He told his 43,000 followers that “It’s already my second hometown.” And then added the hashtag #dubaiselfie.

Again, way too many people didn’t make note of the whole pressurized cabin and wind speed velocity vs. hair things. More than one questioned the more obvious.

Why do you do such dangerous things? What if you fell out? Your passengers would die.

Following that reasoning, we should inform that concerned citizen that it’s okay. Pilotgansa is obviously shooting from the co-pilot’s seat, so there would still be someone to land the plane, even if he fell out.

But not everyone was fooled; one follower said petulantly, “I know it’s fake because you can’t open the windows in a pressurized plane.”

We gave them big kudos for realizing that. But another follower immediately responded with, “Actually, those are the only two windows that do open.”

He went on to explain that you can’t open them when the cabin is pressurized, but it was too late.

He had already verified that the believers were right, as the window that Pilotganso is hanging out of does open. Nobody remembered to add, “if the plane is on the ground.”

Pilotganso is just the latest of many Photoshop geniuses to spark our wonder and tweak our curiosity. But he may well go down in Instagram history as one of the best.

This last photo of him with his now famous selfie stick extended to show his entire plane should prove one thing to all the naysayers out there that say he’s a fake.

They are right. But, you have to admit, he is one heck of a good fake!

And I personally second Mavis Mavis from Newcastle’s comment after the photos were shared on DailyMail.com:

All these idiots on here droning on about how it’s not real – who cares! He’s GORGEOUS – how do I fly on his plane???

Yeah. What she said!

Keep the skies safe for us, Pilotganso. We can’t wait to see what friendly skies you’ll be flying next.

Source: INDIA.com

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