Pup Sneaks Out Of Apartment Onto Ledge - Firemen Realize Why He Can't Move
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Pup Sneaks Out Of Apartment Onto Ledge – Firemen Realize Why He Can’t Move

Max is a curious little pup.

He loves to explore. He finds an opening and he wriggles through, just to see what’s on the other side.

But that boundless ambition can get you in trouble…

That’s what happened when Max spotted the open window in his family’s London apartment. He figured he’d go on an adventure!

So out he went; despite being three floors up, he crept along the ledge on the side of the building, sniffing around and exploring.

But then he encountered a problem he didn’t expect … which led to another big problem.

Max ran into a rain gutter that he couldn’t get around. And even worse, he realized the ledge was too narrow, so he couldn’t turn around, either.

Poor Max was stuck!

And up on the third level of the apartment building, a fall could prove fatal.

There was one bit of good news, though: London is a busy place and it didn’t take long for people to take notice of Max’s predicament.

Somebody called the London Fire Brigade and they showed up quickly. Said crew manager Sean Sloan:

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