After A Raging Wildfire, A Brave Pup Clings To Life In A Sinister Hiding Place
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After A Raging Wildfire, A Brave Pup Clings To Life In A Sinister Hiding Place

When a terrible fire ravaged the small coastal resort of Mati, Greece, 91 people lost their lives.

But one intrepid animal managed to survive the blaze … though just barely.

Artemis Kyriakopoulou is a volunteer animal rescuer, and her heart was broken to know that “hundreds of animals” had perished in the fire.

However, she was convinced that at least some had survived, so she decided to scour the torched forests in the hopes of finding a few lucky souls.

Well, she found one.

But she didn’t expect to find the poor thing hiding in an outdoor oven! As Artemis told The Dodo:

I didn’t hear anything.

I was so scared to look inside cause I knew I was going to find something in there but I didn’t know if it was dead or alive.

It was a frightened, injured pooch, and it was definitely alive … but it obviously needed medical treatment. Said Artemis:

His whole body and coat was burned, and he was in intense pain.

It was really hard seeing him in a situation like this. I started crying just like the other volunteers.

Of course, I thanked God for giving him one more chance because he was really lucky I found him. It was by accident actually.

Such fantastic luck, too!

Artemis quickly rushed the pup – who she named Marshmallow – to a local vet, and the pup was treated and given a new haircut.

Marshmallow was probably a stray in the first place, and his coat was badly overgrown. He also needed a good hefty meal!

After the pup is fully recovered, he’ll be ready to go to a new home, and we hope the adoption process goes quickly and smoothly.

But above all else, this beautiful dog is alive today, and all because one rescuer was determined to find animals that had survived the tragedy.

That’s what animal rescue is all about, after all:


Beating the odds every day and saving our furry friends! 😀

Source: The Dodo

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