Squirrel Takes Fierce Backyard Feud With Little Buddy To A Whole New Level
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Squirrel Takes Fierce Backyard Feud With Little Buddy To A Whole New Level

This is Buddy, a little Shih Tzu, and he hates squirrels with a passion.

When he’s outside in the yard, he chases them up trees and barks like mad. It is HIS yard, after all!

His little legs just won’t carry him fast enough, though, so he’s never had the pleasure of catching one of the yard rodents.

He tries to catch them, but he’s quite small and has never been successful,” his owner, Lainey said.

Now, one squirrel has decided to take revenge against Buddy for chasing him day in and day out, and there’s absolutely nothing he can do about it.

The squirrel doesn’t just bark at him from the treetops. He takes the feud to a whole new height by taking a hostage!

Buddy made the mistake of leaving his favorite toy outdoors, and the squirrel took notice right away.

Seeing Buddy’s toy left unattended, he quickly snatched it up, knowing it was going to break Buddy’s heart.

He claimed the toy as his own and disappeared.

The thief unfortunately made his getaway before Buddy could get to him.

He scrambled up a tree and took the blue toy to his nest, and poor Buddy was just beside himself!

Buddy’s family mourned along with him.

“Woke up to horrible news that my dog’s favorite toy has been kidnapped by a squirrel and is being held captive in a tree,” Lainey said.

It was a hard day for Buddy, but he tried to keep his head up and a smile on his face.

So the ball is in Buddy’s court now. Will he chase the squirrels with more vigor and gusto because of his newfound hate over his toy?

Or will the squirrel use the toy for a peace offering to end the backyard feud?

Only time will tell…

Source: The Dog Channel

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