Motorist Stops To Help Stray Pup, Notices She's Protecting A Hidden Treasure
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Motorist Stops To Help Stray Pup, Notices She’s Protecting A Hidden Treasure

A sad stray pooch sits on a trash pile by the side of the road.

She’s easily visible to everyone but most drivers are in a rush. They’re simply too busy to stop and assist.

However, one driver just couldn’t pass the heartbreaking scene without stopping.

This motorist pulled his car over, got out, and neared the small white terrier perched atop the mound of garbage. It was a pitiful sight.

But it was about to get much, much worse…

The driver got a little closer and realized that the stray on the trash pile wasn’t alone!

Hiding inside an old tire were two more scared and starving pups, and it was obvious that all three required immediate assistance.

The Good Samaritan knew this, so he quickly called Faith Easdale, a rescuer with the local group, Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue.

Unfortunately, Easdale wasn’t surprised; as she told The Dodo:

We do this all the time, we see dogs dumped in underpasses, fields, canyons, freeways, you name it—and that area is one of the worst.

Hardly anyone would go there or even see these dogs, and even if they had seen them, they would have kept on going.

They just don’t care. It’s an everyday occurrence.

But Easdale cares!

She and a friend, Cassandra Aldridge, rushed to the scene and quickly gathered up the three abandoned pups.

The poor things had been sitting in the brutal California heat and were lethargic and dehydrated. And one, a black poodle, was actually pregnant!

Well, mom and the other two pups were rapidly transported to a nearby vet, where they were given the necessary fluids and a full check-up.

In addition to being dehydrated, the dogs also suffered from ticks and major dental problems, so the vets set to work.

Full recovery would take some time…

But finally, at long last, their terrible ordeal was over, and the rescuers appropriately named the pooches Michelin, Pirelli, and Kumho.

Now, each of them have been microchipped and vaccinated, and are ready to find their forever homes!

From baking inside an old truck tire to a loving home … wouldn’t that be one of the best turnarounds ever? 😉

Source: The Dodo

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