Woman Finds Suitcase With Air Holes – She Unzips It And 15 Furry Treasures Jump Out
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Woman Finds Suitcase With Air Holes – She Unzips It And 15 Furry Treasures Jump Out

When a veterinary nurse stumbled across an abandoned black suitcase, she didn’t think much of it.

After all, it happens all the time.

People accidentally forget their belongings, especially when traveling. But the suitcase was in a strange spot…

It had been dumped on the side of the road, which is a weird place to forget your luggage.

And then, when the vet got a little closer, she spotted something sinister: air holes!

Somebody had poked air holes in the suitcase and there could be only reason for that:

They’d left an animal inside!

Well, being a vet, this kind soul couldn’t possibly ignore the bag any longer. So, she approached and carefully unzipped the suitcase.

She wasn’t prepared for what jumped out, that’s for sure!

15 kittens!

That’s right, 15 kittens of all different kinds; tabbies, grays, black-and-whites, all stuffed inside and left to die.

The air holes were a nice thought but obviously, without food or water, these little tykes wouldn’t have lasted very long.

The vet was instantly smitten, and she rushed all the kittens to the Cats Protection Hornchurch & District Branch for immediate attention.

As the shelter’s Welfare and Homing Officer, Alison Gambles, told Inside Edition:

Sadly, the case was found [standing] up, which meant the kittens would have all been laying on top of each other.

It really had been a terrible situation for the furry babies.

But the good news was that besides a few eye infections, most of the kittens appeared to be in decent condition, so they couldn’t have been there for very long.

The vet thinks the kittens were dumped by a greedy breeder, as the kitties were from three or four different litters.

Added Gambles:

…people find they have more kittens than they can cope with because they haven’t had their cats neutered.”


Yes, well, it was their mistake and their responsibility, right?

But at least these furry cuties won’t have to worry about dying alone; all of them will be up for adoption once they’re old enough.

And it’s all thanks to a kindly veterinarian, who got a chance to do her job … before she ever got to work that day! 😀

Source: NTD.TV

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