Gigantic Whale Starts Pushing Terrified Scuba Diver - She Doesn't Realize He's Saving Her Life
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Gigantic Whale Starts Pushing Terrified Scuba Diver – She Doesn’t Realize He’s Saving Her Life

No matter how well equipped they are, humans are always at a disadvantage in the water.

Even experts, who know a great deal about the watery depths, are often in danger for a variety of reasons.

And when you do face danger, you certainly never expect a sea-living denizen to come to your rescue! There aren’t many Lassies out there in the ocean, after all.

And yet, whale biologist Nan Hauser can attest to the fact that ocean creatures can, and will, save humans given the opportunity.

Whale Saves Scientist’s Life

When a whale swam up to this woman and wouldn't leave her alone, she was freaked out — until she realized he was saving her life ???

Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


One day, when Hauser was scuba diving, a very large whale came up to say hello. This was nothing new and the scientist had decades of experience dealing with the massive creatures.

Normally, whales are gentle creatures that don’t make much contact with humans in the water.

But this time, the whale was insistent on pushing the scared scientist along, and she really couldn’t figure out why.

She’d try to break away but every time, the behemoth would return and continue to push her; he wasn’t being violent about it, he just wanted to move her for some reason.

Only after she surfaced and got back to the boat did she realize what had happened:

The whale had saved her from one of the ocean’s most dangerous predators: a tiger shark!

The shark had been lurking nearby and the whale had risked his own life to ensure Nan Hauser would live to scuba dive another day.

How incredible is that?

Maybe the whale was appreciative of everything marine biologists had done for their species over the years. 😉

Source: The Dodo

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