Woman Holds Up Sign At Garth Brooks Concert - He Immediately Stops Playing And Asks Her A Question
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Woman Holds Up Sign At Garth Brooks Concert – He Immediately Stops Playing And Asks Her A Question

Warning: This video will make you cry happy tears.

Gale and her family had just learned that their son was cancer free and decided to bring a sign to this Garth Brooks concert. When Garth sees the sign, he immediately stops playing and asks her a question…

Lots of people bring signs to entertainment events, like baseball games and concerts.

If you’re lucky, maybe one of the TV cameras will focus on it and you’ll get your ten seconds of mini-fame.

But nobody is expecting the performers to acknowledge the sign in any way; that’d be asking far too much, right?

Then again, if the sign is important enough and the performer in question is compassionate enough, maybe it’ll happen…

This heartwarming story begins when West Jet airlines donated tickets for a family who wanted to visit their six-year-old son, who was being treated for cancer at an Alberta medical facility.

Little Mason had been battling for over a year, and Gale, her husband, and sons wanted to be with him, so the airline did a good deed.


But after the Ronald McDonald House Charities posted about it on Facebook, another good deed occurred:

Canadian Karyn Louise saw the post and offered the family two tickets to a Garth Brooks concert in Calgary on September 1:

I’d like to treat you to a date night… I have two Garth Brooks tickets if you are a fan and can get away for a few hours on Friday night. 

I had planned on donating them to Ronald McDonald house and I would love for you to enjoy them.

On that very same day, the family learned that Mason was officially cancer-free.

And though he couldn’t attend the concert (his immune system still needed time to recover), Gale went with a cardboard sign that read:

“Today My Son Is Cancer Free!”

And unbelievably enough, Garth Brooks saw this sign, stopped the show, and asked her some questions.

Then he even offered her a very special gift…all in all, it was quite the incredible experience.

Gale will never forget it, that’s for sure, and everyone at the concert loved it, too!

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Source: Facebook

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