Baby Girl Is Terrified Of Dying In A Car Wash - What Her Adorable Brother Does Next Has Me In Tears
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Baby Girl Is Terrified Of Dying In A Car Wash – What Her Adorable Brother Does Next Has Me In Tears

The world is an awfully big and scary place when you’re so small.

Just about everything is bigger than you are and you understand very little, so being scared is part of the daily routine. Really, it’s why toddlers cry so often.

But when you’ve got your family around you, the world is never quite so frightening.

Take this video, for instance:

Declan and Raleigh Price were riding along with their parents in Los Angeles, California, when mom and dad decided to stop off at an automatic car wash.

Upon seeing the other cars in front awash in tidal waves of water, the 2-year-old girl, named Raleigh, began to cry.

That’s when her 4-year-old brother did what ALL good brothers should do:

See, the difference between two and four is monumental in the world of kiddom, an Declan well knew the spinning sponges and flying water wouldn’t hurt them.

He reassured his baby sister over and over, even reaching out to hold her hand a few times.

“We are going to get home very fast,” said Declan. “We won’t die.”

Of course, that’s not always enough to calm those fears and the sister cries throughout the carwash, but Declan did what he could.

And when it was over, he cried out:

“We’re going home. All done!”

Raleigh probably won’t remember this little incident (then again, maybe she will) but even if she doesn’t, Declan has hard video proof that he was indeed a good brother.

And he may need that proof in the coming years, so here’s hoping the parents hang on to this.

Source: GoodNewsNetwork

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