She tries to get daddy's attention but he doesn't move a muscle - The reason has me in stiches!
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She tries to get daddy’s attention but he doesn’t move a muscle – The reason has me in stiches!

When you’re a baby, you want attention.

And there’s nothing you prize more than love and affection from your parents, the ones who are going to protect and raise you.

…okay, so maybe these well-defined thoughts aren’t traveling through the minds of infants, but we all know they often desire attention, and they certainly adore their mommies and daddies.

Of course, it can occasionally be difficult to get that attention, even if you’re being as adorable as humanly possible.

Even when you address the parent by name, even when you go, “Dada” in that indescribably cute way, you can’t always expect results.

The parent may know you want attention, may understand the translation is, “Dad, look at me, LOOK AT ME,” but sometimes, life just gets in the way. You can’t always respond.

This beautiful little girl realized that the hard way when she tried to get “daddy’s” attention while sitting in her stroller. Now she’s gonna be scarred for life.

But at the very least, the rest of the internet got quite a kick out of it; this 30-second video is rapidly going viral, and there’s a darn good reason.

When you see the camera pan up, you’ll realize why “daddy” was never, ever going to look down, and then you’ll just laugh yourself silly:

In the end, we’re certain this little girl got to see her real daddy later. She’s just getting a head start on a superhero fascination, that’s all.

And besides, who doesn’t want to think their father is a superhero? Didn’t we all think that at that age? Isn’t that a big part of growing up?

It sort of sucks when you mistake a statue for a living breathing thing but maybe she’ll just remember meeting Batman, and in his standoffish way, he just didn’t respond.

Either way, you can bet this is a video that’s going to pop out at birthdays and other family events, so we hope this little girl is prepared.

Your parents will NEVER let this go, you adorable baby you!

Source: YouTube

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