Frightened 4-Year-Old Calls Police For Help - It Turns Out To Be The Cutest Thing Ever
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Frightened 4-Year-Old Calls Police For Help – It Turns Out To Be The Cutest Thing Ever

When you’re four years old, the world is a very big and very scary place.

Sometimes you want assurances that in fact, you’re not in any danger and nothing is out to get you.

The coat rack in the corner of your bedroom isn’t really a lurking monster, right? That scraping sound outside the window is just a bird or the wind, right?

And of course, checking in dark places – under the bed, inside closets, even under couch cushions – is par for the course because you never know what could be hiding in there…

That’s the troubling albeit adorable life of a youngster, so maybe Longmont, Colorado police shouldn’t have been too surprised to receive a call from 4-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch.

Sidney and her family had just moved to the area two weeks prior and that alone can be quite daunting for someone so young. A new places has all SORTS of new fascinations and terrors.

So to make sure she was safe, she decided to call Officer David Bonday and ask if he could come over and…

Yep, check the house for monsters. If there were baddies hiding under the furniture, Sidney wanted to know about it and she wanted the police to be there, just in case.

The best part is that little Sidney didn’t cower in a corner as Bonday searched the area; no, this brave 4-year-old is an aspiring officer herself, and asked Bonday to be her partner.

Then the two searched everywhere quite diligently and when it was over, Sidney must’ve felt a great deal better. That house was clear!

Interestingly, Sidney knew Officer Bonday, as she’d met him at a community fundraiser a month earlier. Obviously, she was taken to the adult law enforcement official, so she knew exactly who to call.

As for Bonday, he had just one thing to say:

It was probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever been involved with as a police officer.

Yes, we’re inclined to agree.

Source: ABC News

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