Armless Archer Wins Gold, Then Hits Couch Potatoes With 8 Perfect Words
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Armless Archer Wins Gold, Then Hits Couch Potatoes With 8 Perfect Words

Disabled individuals continue to amaze.

Even when faced with seemingly impossible obstacles, the disadvantaged bravely find ways to overcome those obstacles. They fight every day and they should be applauded.

So many are inspirations to all of us and frankly, they make lazy non-disabled individual look really, really bad.

Those who don’t have to face such obstacles shouldn’t complain, and should never take their able-bodied life for granted. They have no clue what it’s like to, say, have no arms.

35-year-old Matt Stutzman was born without arms and while obviously a major inconvenience (to say the least), Matt hasn’t let that stop him from attaining his dreams.

Not only is he a father of three who hunts and drives a car, he’s also a world-class archer. That’s right: Archery, with no arms.

Stutzman first began competing back in 2009, with the outside hope that he might make the U.S. Archery World Cup Team.

He did manage to win Silver in 2012 at the Paralympic Games in London but that really wasn’t good enough for him. He wanted to compete against the able-bodied and show what he could do.

Now, he just did the seemingly impossible: He not only competed favorably against guys with arms…he beat them all.

That’s right, Stutzman just won first place – a gold medal – at the target competition, and second place at the open compound final of the USA Archery Outdoor National Championships in Westfield, Indiana.

He uses his feet to shoot, as you can see by the picture here. And Stutzman, now known as “The Armless Archer,” had only one thing to say to Fox 59:

“If a guy without arms can get a bow and sit down and compete with the best in the world at a sport with them using their arms, what’s your excuse?

Why aren’t you doing what you want to do? Get off the couch and get it done.


It’s the message far too many in America need to hear, as we’ve got a LOT of do-nothings sitting around out there. Stutzman wins gold medals with no arms…what have you done lately?

It’s just a matter of perseverance and having the right attitude. And it proves humans can do incredible things when they put their minds to it.

We sort of learn this lesson early on in life – teachers and parents try to tell us this – but sometimes, it doesn’t really sink in until you see guys like Stutzman.

Source: GoodNewsNetwork

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