She Beats Breast Cancer, Then 1 Day Later She Walks Outside And Gets The Shock Of A Lifetime
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She Beats Breast Cancer, Then 1 Day Later She Walks Outside And Gets The Shock Of A Lifetime

Amy Kleiner was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in January.

Obviously, she knew she’d have a battle ahead of her, though she was thankful for her friends and family, who would be there to support her every step of the way.

As any doctor will tell you, it’s absolutely critical to have that support and Amy was lucky enough to have it. She also proved to be one heckuva fighter because she battled well.

Her best friend and neighbor, Tera Kiser, was with her throughout the painful process, from the initial diagnosis to the start of the grueling chemotherapy treatments.

Friends like that aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, and you can bet Amy was thankful for Tera’s kindness. When you’re fighting for your life, you need every ounce of compassion and assistance you can find.

But Tera wasn’t about to stop when Amy finally emerged from the hospital cancer-free.

In fact, that’s exactly when she kicked things up a notch.

To celebrate the last day of chemo, Tera gathered Amy’s friends and neighbors and organized a special parade in the street in front of their houses. As you might expect, Amy was stunned and overjoyed.

I just felt like the Lord gave me the idea,” Kiser, 41, told TODAY.

“The minute she pulled into the neighborhood we could have people there with signs just to celebrate her last treatment.

Tera planned the event for weeks; she even created a secret Facebook group to help, and the turnout was stellar.

As for the cancer survivor, she never expected a thing. But when she walked outside her door and saw it, she could do nothing but gasp and hug her friend.

When I opened my garage door and saw everybody I was just completely astonished.

The fact that I got to go and hug every single person out there and tell them thank you — I could have stayed out there all day.

In one final vivid display of humanitarian goodness, attendees held a balloon that symbolized one of Amy’s chemo treatments. Amy’s family got the last four, of course.

And when the time was right, everyone released them to the sky…goodbye chemo, goodbye cancer, hello LIFE!

Tera had only one thing to say when asked why she did all this:

“Anybody who goes through this deserves a parade. Cancer is awful.”

This is one of those amazing stories that demonstrates the lengths to which good friends and neighbors will go when someone is in danger.

And also proves, once and for all, that we should always support those who fight, in more ways than one.

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Source: Today

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