Confused Cop Sees 92-Year-Old Dancing In The Street. Seconds Later, She's Famous
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Confused Cop Sees 92-Year-Old Dancing In The Street. Seconds Later, She’s Famous

It isn’t a crime to dance in the street.

Not enough people do it these days, but 92-year-old Millie Seiver just felt the need to boogie on down the road, so she did exactly that.

When the mood struck her, the surprisingly spry Seiver started moving to the beat outside her apartment building last week.

That’s when a police officer rolled up and noticed the elderly woman dancing by herself, which must’ve been quite the sight.

Sergeant Kim Lenz of the Austin Police Department then decided to do something spontaneously amazing, resulting in the video that people just can’t stop watching.

Yes, Lenz rolled her squad car to a stop, turned up the volume of her radio, and went to join the 92-year-old who obviously needed a dancing partner.

Every now and then, cops contribute to the community in ways that have nothing to do with shooting bad guys.

And it’s not surprising at all to see so many inspirational videos online where police officers are center-stage, doing something of which everyone should be proud.

It’s not just about serving and protecting; it’s about being a role model and doing the right thing at the right time.

In the case of Sergeant Lenz, that just so happened to be busting a move with a cheerful senior citizen in a parking lot.

So be it. Everyone loves it and rightfully so.

Source: GoodNewsNetwork

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