9-Year-Old With Down's Syndrome Belts Out His Favorite Song - Now He's A Viral Superstar
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9-Year-Old With Down’s Syndrome Belts Out His Favorite Song – Now He’s A Viral Superstar

We all sing in the car, don’t we?

We don’t expect others will hear us (unless we have all the windows rolled down) and we don’t care if we’re awful. We just need a little entertainment during the commute, right?

Well, 9-year-old Dane Miller doesn’t really care who hears him; he just loves to sing.

And during a family car ride, he decided to burst into song…little did he and the rest of the Millers know that it would ultimately become a massively viral video.

Dane heard Whitney Houston’s 1993 hit “I Have Nothing” and instantly launched into his own awesome rendition of the song, which was recorded by his aunt Jeanne and later posted to Facebook.

Dane suffers from Down’s Syndrome but that didn’t stop him from attacking this Whitney classic with soul and passion.

His mother, Danna, says her son really got into “I Have Nothing” when he saw a documentary about the late superstar. But she probably didn’t expect him to become a superstar himself!

Sure, Dane loves to sing and perform but the family couldn’t believe the outpouring of emotion and generally positive reaction from social media.

A whopping 21 million people have seen the video already and many are applauding the boy’s shockingly great performance. Danna adds:

“He’s high-functioning and smarter than we all really know. He picks up on songs really quickly and music touches him.”

Danna said they posted the video simply because it was “so cute and precious.” Yes, well, the internet tends to respond exceedingly well to “cute and precious,” as the Millers quickly found out.

This is the kind of thing that’ll put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. 🙂

Just don’t try filming yourself singing in the car with the expectation that you’ll get the same reaction on Facebook. …chances are, you’re no Dane Miller.

Source: Today

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