Flash Flood Hits 60 Panicked Hikers - What Happens Next Will Make You Stand And Cheer
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Flash Flood Hits 60 Panicked Hikers – What Happens Next Will Make You Stand And Cheer

Anything can happen when you’re hiking, so you have to take every necessary precaution.

Of course, nobody really expects to be caught in a sudden flash flood that can put everyone at immediate risk. No amount of precaution or planning can prepare you for such a harrowing experience.

But this is exactly what happened to 60 hikers who were trekking through Utah’s Zion National Park recently.

The group was moving along just fine when suddenly, out of nowhere, a wall of water comes roaring in their direction. Seconds later, they’re battling to remain standing and the situation is getting serious.

It was all captured on video, too, and you can see a terrified young boy clinging to someone as the water rages by. So how did they all get out of this mess?

Why, the kindness of strangers, of course.

Other hikers nearby saw what happened and went out to form a human chain, which everyone could use to haul themselves to safety. Watching the whole thing transpire will absolutely make your day.

One of the rescuers, Jerrod Finkenthal, reflected on the event:

It was really cool seeing my nephew and brothers, everyone lined up together, and helping them.

We all noticed that they were struggling at the same time and we all went in at the same time.

We all helped out as best as we could.

This happened in an area of Zion National Park known as The Narrows, which was suddenly closed when the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning.

Well, that warning was a little late.

Even so, you can never count out the ingenuity and quick-thinking of strangers, especially when lives are on the line.

This is just another example of people banding together to overcome a tremendous obstacle and let’s face it: There’s no bigger obstacle than Mother Nature.

Be safe out there everyone!

Source: MSN

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