Man With Cancer Could Lose His Home, So His Wife Begs For Help - 100 Angels Instantly Respond
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Man With Cancer Could Lose His Home, So His Wife Begs For Help – 100 Angels Instantly Respond

Communities are supposed to stick together.

When a neighbor is struggling and reaches out for help, the decent thing to do is respond. They’d do the same for you, correct?

So, when Jennifer Simmons issued a public appeal for help, she hoped the community would indeed respond; if they didn’t, she and her husband could be in serious trouble.

Simmons’ husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 laryngeal cancer in February, and the once busy bee has been relegated to a bed.

This alone is difficult to handle but given the immense medical bills and the daily cost of living, Jennifer has been forced to work like crazy to keep things going.

As a result, she has had very little time to take care of her home, which simply fell down the priority list.

But in order for her lease to get renewed, she’d have to go through a home inspection and she was worried the home wouldn’t pass given the amount of necessary cleaning.

Huge storms hit the area in the last few months, so grass and weeds have become waist-high. The bottom line is she just couldn’t take care of everything by herself.

I need them to renew my lease so I asked for help in clearing the yard so I can have a good home inspection,” Simmons told KGUN9.

Simmons took to Facebook to ask for help and she was amazed at the response.

Over 100 people immediately responded to her pleas to help her clean the yard and as volunteer Angela Skinner said, they’re going to do “whatever it takes” to get that home ready for inspection.

Close friends showed up, too. Said Robert Romero:

When someone has a situation they go through in life they never know how hard it’s going to be sometimes you need more than your wife and the community to pitch in.

The only downside to all this is the fact that Simmons’ husband can’t participate.

This is a man who was used to working and being productive, and to not be able to do something as simple as clean the yard…well, that isn’t easy to accept.

“He was the guy that worked 6 days a week and never stopped working and when he was tired he was still working he did the yard,” says Simmons.

The radiation and chemotherapy treatments have not only weakened him, they’ve made him sensitive to heat as well.

Combine this with Jennifer’s constant working and cleaning the overgrown yard just seemed like an impossibility.

But now that the community has responded with vigor, everything is looking brighter for the struggling couple. Simmons finished by saying:

It restores my faith in humanity. People that I don’t even know would help me and pull weeds and cut grass it restored my faith.


Source: KGUN9

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