Mom's Car Is Stolen With Her Son Inside. Nobody Could've Predicted What Happens Next...
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Mom’s Car Is Stolen With Her Son Inside. Nobody Could’ve Predicted What Happens Next…

Nobody wants their vehicle stolen.

But when something far more valuable is stolen along with it, it’s downright heartbreaking.

Property is one thing but mementos are quite another; when those disappear, it’s like a piece of you dies, and it’s a terrible feeling.

Thieves don’t care what you’re feeling of course, but one thief couldn’t possibly have known that he was stealing a woman’s son when he stole an SUV out of a driveway last week.

That SUV belonged to Shelly Brown and when she got up the next morning to find the car gone, she was in tears…and not because she loved the car.

No, she loved – and will always love – what was in that car, because it’s completely and entirely irreplaceable.

As it turns out, Shelly keeps what remains of her son with her at all times: A tiny vial of her departed son’s ashes hangs from the rearview mirror, and that of course disappeared along with the SUV.

She contacted the police but didn’t expect any results, so of course Shelly was miserable.

But then, something happened…call it karma, call it a miracle, call it luck, but it was just plain amazing.

The Del City, Oklahoma mother spotted a vehicle that looked exactly like her stolen SUV driving past her on the streets, and her instincts told her to follow it.

She tailed it to a parking lot not far away and when the driver had left the vehicle, Shelly approached and was shocked to find that yes, it WAS the stolen car.

There had been some damage done to the steering wheel but otherwise, everything was there – including her beloved son’s ashes.

Unfortunately, police haven’t identified the thief (who likely fled when he saw Shelly by the SUV) but the point is, her son has been returned to her.

There are times when you just have to throw up your hands and say, “That’s just a once-in-a-lifetime thing!” And maybe it is; what were the chances of Shelly ever seeing that SUV again?

Well, maybe chances change when God steps in. Did you like this? Give us a share!

Source: GoodNewsNetwork

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